• Buddyseat Bruin ruit

    Buddyseat Brown Diamond

    350,00 incl. VAT

    A handmade brown buddy seat with a diamond pattern in the Netherlands to give your doppio a luxurious look.

  • Buddyseat Zwart Ruit

    Buddyseat Black Diamond

    350,00 incl. VAT

    One in the Netherlands with the handmade black buddy seat with a diamond pattern to give your doppio a luxurious look.

  • Rear carrier Short

    99,00 incl. VAT

    Short Rear Carrier in the color of the frame of your doppio. The maximum carrying capacity of the short rear carrier is 8 kg.

  • doppio Remote Alarm

    doppio alarm with remote control

    119,90 incl. VAT

    Protect your doppio with an alarm with remote control. This motion alarm is placed in the bicycle and switched on and off by means of a remote control.

  • doppio Long Rear Carrier and basketdoppio Rear Carrier with basket

    Long Rear Carrier + Basket

    110,00119,90 incl. VAT

    Give your doppio some extra load capacity at the rear with this long rear carrier and basket.

  • Black crate to be mounted on the front carrier of your doppio.doppio crate black

    doppio Crate Basil S MIK

    29,90 incl. VAT

    Make doppio your own with a nice crate , mounted on the front carrier. The crate has a capacity of 25 liters.

  • Long Rear Carrier

    119,90 incl. VAT

    Give your doppio some extra load capacity with this long rear carrier. The maximum carrying capacity of the long rear carrier is 25 kg.

  • Standaard buddyseat

    Standard Buddyseat

    0,00 incl. VAT

    Your doppio comes with this black buddy seat.

  • Double Standard

    69,00 incl. VAT

    With this double standard, your doppio stands firmly on the ground and the chance of it being blown over by the wind is considerably smaller.

  • Tex-Lock Eyelet Bicycle Lock 120cm

    139,90 incl. VAT

    The Tex-lock is a new generation bicycle lock to protect your bicycle against theft. This new type of chain lock is extremely safe, flexible and thanks to the textile sleeve…

  • Front Carrier

    129,90 incl. VAT

    Give your doppio some extra load capacity with the doppio front carrier. The elegant and practical design ensures that you can park your e-bike between other bicycles without any problems.

  • New Looxs Small Bag

    9,90 incl. VAT

    This small bag from New Looxs is the ideal bag for the longer rides on your doppio. The bag is completely waterproof so you can safely store all your valuables…

  • Phone holder X-Grip

    82,90 incl. VAT

    The X-Grip phone holder is suitable for the most common smartphones.

  • Folding Lock ART2

    189,90 incl. VAT

    Security for your doppio in the superlative! The ABUS Granit folding lock ensures that you can store your doppio anywhere without any worries.

  • Mirror Mirage De Luxe

    34,90 incl. VAT

    The Mirage bicycle mirror de luxe is the solution if you have trouble looking back. Looking ahead is nice, but knowing what's happening behind you is just as nice.