Want to be sure that you will get your doppio back after theft? Now you know for sure. Because doppio has introduced the theft guarantee plan. This guarantee is a supplement to our general terms and conditions and a response to the move by Dutch insurers to no longer insure fat bikes.

Protected against theft

Never worry about a stolen bike again

doppio tracker

Lost your bike? You can always trace it with our app

doppio connect gps tracker

Since 2022, doppio riders have had standard GPS trackers in their bikes. In addition, there was the optional option to also purchase bike hunters. Below you will find the doppio theft figures since the introduction of GPS trackers in combination with bike hunters.

  • 2,5% def. theft percentage (not recovered)
  • Registered number of doppio thefts is 12.5%
  • Recovery percentage of 80%
    The Recovery percentage has increased by 2% over the past 6 months

1 year doppio theft protection*

1 year Trace & Recovery, incl. recovery after theft worth € 89,95
doppio Alarm with remote € 119,90
ABUS ART2 Folding lock worth € 189,90
Tex-lock ART2 Cable lock € 149,90
for €299
  • Active Tracker (Tracker must be active during theft, battery charged)
  • Subscription, Trace & Recovery
  • Display & Software code set
  • Recovery enabled immediately after detection
  • Online report of theft within 24 hours (copy to us)
  • The battery must always be removed from the doppio between 0:00 and 6:00
  • doppio must be protected with two ART2 locks, one of which must be attached to a fixed object
  • Deductible €500 in case of theft of doppio and €700 including battery.
  • In the event of theft, 3 original complete sets of keys must be returned (2x a set of ART2 lock & 1x set of doppio battery lock). The key numbers must be registered with doppio within one week after delivery of doppio.
  • Consumer must be 18+ years old
  • If the doppio is found again within 6 weeks, the owner must accept his doppio back
  • If the doppio has not been found within 2 weeks after detection, notification & activation of recovery, we will replace the doppio with another doppio that is the same age or newer and in the same or better condition, including accessories.
  • Re-delivery after theft always takes place in kind, not in money.
  • Re-delivery after theft will only take place after receipt of payment of deductible of €500 or payment of €700 including battery.
  • The re-delivery guarantee can only be invoked once by each buyer.
  • The re-delivery guarantee is limited to a maximum of one year after purchase, delivery and receipt of full payment for the product