doppio Service Center

We are transparent about the costs of servicing. All repairs that need to be carried out, but are covered by the guarantee, are of course at our expense. This could be a defect in the electronics or, for example, a battery that is not working properly.

Repairs that are out of warranty are at the expense of the customer. This concerns, for example, a chain that has come off. For items that are not covered by the warranty, we will discuss the costs with you before carrying out the repair.

We recommend that you schedule the first service on your new doppio within 3 months or when you have driven 500 km. Whatever comes first.

We charge €120 for all services in the doppio service center in Amstelveen.

Pick-up Service

Because we don’t like to see doppio’s standing still, we want to offer you the best possible service. That is why we have created a Pickup service. We will collect your doppio, provide it with the necessary service (in the Service Center) and bring it back to you the next day.

For this collection service we charge the following call-out costs

  • €60 < 20 km from Amstelveen
  • €85 > 20 km from Amstelveen

These costs are charged on top of the regular service cost.