In 2019, Peter Eiselin launched doppio as a solution to mobility problems in increasingly crowded cities. doppio is the ultimate two-seater e-bike, a crossover between e-bike and scooter. Since then, doppio has established itself as a sought-after and cool brand in cities and suburbs.

In 2021 doppio completed a successful crowdfunding campaign. In that year, Airbridge Equity Partners took a minority stake in Urban Mobility B.V. This enabled us to grow further in volume, develop our unique ecosystem and strengthen our presence online and offline.

In 2022 we will tripple our volume and achieve a positive result. These great results in combination with our proven premium quality, exceptional service level, unique ecosystem and many very satisfied customers form a solid foundation for further growth and economies of scale.

This year we opt for an equity campaign, so that investors become co-owners of our company. This way of financing ensures even greater involvement and creates a real doppio community. Together we want to enter our new growth phase.

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Goed uit de test - Fietstest 2022

doppio is a true two-seater e-bike and has a unique position and attracts customers from the (e-) bicycle and (e-) scooter market. You move quickly through the city (or nature) in a healthy, safe and clean way. Sitting comfortably, together or alone, without traffic jams, driver’s license, helmet or parking problems. And that up to 25 km/h and just on the bike path. The independent test results in Bright and AD are convincing.

doppio has developed a unique ecosystem with service contracts, bicycle subscriptions and standard track & trace, which means that we are in direct contact with our customers 24/7. The new e-commerce platform with advanced 3D Configurator delivers an unparalleled customer experience that continues seamlessly and intuitively on other touchpoints.

  • Launched in 2019
  • Positive result in 2022
  • Tripled volume in 2022
  • 4,7 on Trustpilot
  • From € 2.299 or € 65 p.m

We see a strong increase in sales. This year it almost quadrupled. From the beginning, personal service was a top priority for us. After all, satisfied customers are the basis for growth and differentiation. Our unique doppio ecosystem enables direct interaction with our customers. With an exceptional score of 4.7 on Trustpilot, doppio really stands out in the e-bike market. Something we are very proud of. With this we have laid a solid foundation for growth.

In addition, the e-bike market is booming and will continue to grow. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe. Cities at home and abroad have put the bicycle at the top of the political agenda. Inflation, high fuel prices and increasing health awareness will further accelerate growth.

The timing has never been better to invest in doppio.

  • Growing market in NL and EU
  • Unique position in e-bike market
  • Rising sales
  • Unique ecosystem
  • Many satisfied customers

doppio really wants to scale up with the financing. Increase working capital, further strengthen our organization and in particular the service operation, boost the brand in all existing channels, expand the number of touchpoints in the Netherlands and enter new markets such as Belgium, France and Germany. The funding will also enable the development of the EU-produced doppio 2.0, with an even greater emphasis on sustainability.

€ 500.000 - Strengthen working capital
- Expansion service operations
- Expansion in the Netherlands with 2-3 additional points of sale
- Marketing & sales impulse for new points of sale
€ 1.000.000 + - Expansion in the Netherlands with 2-3 additional points of sale
- Marketing impulse for new points of sale
- Development new EU produced model doppio - EU produced
€ 1.500.000 + - International expansion in Belgium/France/Germany
- Marketing impulse for new points of sale
- Roll out circular roadmap

This is a stock campaign where you buy part of the company. We will issue shares of Urban Mobility B.V., the owner of doppio. You can become an involved co-owner. In the campaign we sell a maximum of 16.7% of the valuation of doppio; 30.000 shares of €50 each. You can invest from € 250 (5 shares). There is a minimum amount of €500.000 for this equity campaign.

When the minimum amount of € 500.000 is reached, 10,000 shares will be issued. With the full amount of € 1.5 million, 30.000 shares will be issued.

We offer nice extras for every co-owner and if you invest € 25.000 or more, we will give you a doppio V4.

We are excited to start a new phase for doppio together.

Join our ride and double the fun!

Crowdfunding is a great fit for doppio, because we can involve our community of riders and fans. With people who support our mission to change mobility in cities and make it more sustainable. Safer, cleaner, healthier and more fun. Together we can make a difference. As an investor you become a co-owner of doppio, which helps the company in the long run. Everyone benefits when things go well.