The bicycle is the most requested fringe benefit in The Netherlands! It is now possible to offer a bicycle scheme to your employees without costs and outside the Work Costs Scheme (WKR). A lease bicycle is up to 35% cheaper than a private purchase, because the price of the bicycle can be deducted from the employee’s gross salary for tax purposes. Are you making a contribution? Then the benefit increases to 80% for the employee. Cycling regularly keeps your colleagues fit, which allows you to reduce absenteeism due to illness by 1 to 2 days a year. In four simple steps you can get your employees on their bikes within one week.

With a lease bike you can quickly outsmart everyone, in every way. You arrive fit at work (or nice on the weekend) and make a sustainable choice. You are fully equipped, since the lease bike includes maintenance, insurance and breakdown assistance. In addition, no high purchase costs, but a fixed low rate per month via your pay slip. By exchanging gross wages, you are cheaper than purchasing privately, even if your employer decides not to pay. Depending on the bicycle and your pay scale, you are between 20% and 35% cheaper than private purchase.

  1. Start your registration and verify your email address
  2. Fill in your company details and submit the credit check
  3. Automatically receive the results of the credit check by e-mail
  4. Digitally sign the documents between Lease a Bike and your company
  5. You and/or your colleagues are ready to put together a doppio

Sign up for doppio business lease

Start your registration and do the automatic credit check at Lease a Bike. After approval and digital signing of the documents between Lease a Bike and your company, you and/or your colleagues can put together a doppio completely according to your wishes.

You can request a doppio by following the steps on this page. The registration and credit check is done through our lease partner Lease a Bike.