doppio servicecontract

3 years of carefree travel for just €359,-

The doppio service contract includes the following securities

3-year full waranty

All necessary (periodic) maintenance

Free replacement of rotating wear parts*

The doppio service contract can be added during a purchase, delivery or up until a month after delivery. If you purchase a 3-year service contract, all maintenance and replacement of the mentioned parts are in principle at doppio's expense.

This does not apply in the following situations

  • In case of accidental damage
  • If the speed settings have been changed
  • In the event of improper use, such as delivery service
  • When repairs or maintenance have been carried out yourself
  • In the case of all parts other than rotating parts, when these are not covered by the guarantee
  • In the case of punctured tyres
  • In the event of damage caused by falling, e.g. of the battery
  • In case of damage by vandalism, fire, (terrorism)
  • In the event of use of a high-pressure sprayer (e.g. water headlight/system)
  • In the event of cycling on the beach/ in the sea (in the event of excessive corrosion)
  • Own installation of non-doppio "approved" accessories (e.g. self-installed tracker)
  • Excessive loading of the doppio (carriers and entire bike)
  • If a technical problem has persisted for too long
  • If service has been skipped

This is assessed by doppio's service management in consultation with you.

*Only applicable to chain, cassette, tires and brake pads

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